Being the third most populated town in Singapore, Ang Mo Kio which derives its name from Hokkien Hang Mo Dan that means “Rambutan Bridge”, is a planning area and residential town which is located in North Eastern part of Singapore. The planning area is mostly concentrated on the South Western corner on the North East Region. It is ranked 8th among the most populated towns in the country.

Ang Mo Kio Town

There are some other theories which have emerged to explain the origin of Ang Mo Kio. Some theories claim that it came into existence as a result of “Ang Mo Huay” or concrete. There was a concrete bridge and a wooden bridge in the area whereby the concrete bridge became synonymous with Ang Mo Kio. The town borders Yishun planning areas to the North, it borders Sengkang to the North East and Bishan to the South. It also borders Central Water Catchment to the west.

Ang Mo Kio Town History

During the colonial times, Ang Mo Kio was a quite area in Singapore known only for rubber and nutmeg plantations. Its development commenced in 1973 when it was designated to be Singapore’s seventh satellite town. During this time, the town attracted residents from Bishan and Yishun who trooped to the town to enjoy a variety of amenities which include shopping and other facilities.
The idea of forming a town council originated from Ang Mo Kio with the first ever town council being established in 1986. This brought to an end the complimentary space block bulletin boards. Currently, Ang Mo Kio is known for two things whereby the town is a birth place of Sheng Siong which is Singapore’s home-grown supermarket chain.

Park Connections at Ang Mo Kio Town

Ang Mo Kio boasts of famous nature gardens, sculptures and even park connectors that create a link to Punggol. The town remains the main residential district and is also home to the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park which is the best recreational site for the residents. The Ang Mo Kio gardens derives its beauty from rubber trees and other trees including cinnamon and nutmeg.

For fitness lovers, the park gives them a calm and tranquil space to undertake jogging, go for foot reflexology or even practice tai chi at the green attractive park. During their free time, residents can take a walk in the park as they enjoy the groves of trees and view nutmegs and rubber seeds attractively installed all around the park.