ITE College Central

Under the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore system of “one ITE system, three different colleges’, there are at present three different colleges in different locations in Singapore to cater to the students in the near by areas. The earlier ITE colleges have been been redeveloped or used as commercial property and three new different college campuses have been developed. The ITE College East in Simei and was opened to students in January 2005 , the ITE College West at Choa Chua was opened in July 2015 and the third campus, ITE College Central located at Ang Mo Kio was opened to students in January 2013 . However the third campus was officially inaugurated by the then Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Hoong on 8 November 2013.

ITE College Central at Nim Collection Ang Mo Kio

The ITE College Central campus at Ang Mo Kio has an area of approximately 10.61 hectares with a floor area of more than 192800 square meters . The public government project was developed with the aim of having creative learners who would become an innovative workforce for Singapore after they completed their education. The college has approximately 10400 students and a staff of approximately 750 to ensure the smooth operation of the college. Financial assistance is available for students who meet the criteria specified, and students can also get guidance for course selection and making career decisions. ITE College Central is also near to Nim Collection by Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5.

ITE College Central at Bukit Sembawang Landed Property Nim Road

Based on the market demand for trained students, ITE College Central has four different schools – School of Business and Services offering business courses, School of Design and Media offering design and media related training, school of electronics and infocomm technology for electronics, computers, internet related education and the school of engineering for mechanical, civil and other engineering. A total of 51 courses incorporated the latest developments and technology are offered at these schools. They also offer a trainee ship course to students who wish to get a head start in their chosen career, arranging for an experienced trainer and providing a certificate after the training has been completed. Nim Collection is situated along Nim Road next to ITE College and now sits on a 99 years leasehold development with no restrictions.

Bukit Sembawang Landed Property Nim Collection

Students have to wear a uniform, with different colour stripes depending on the school which they are attending. The physical education uniform is a plain white t-shirt with two stripes to denote the school which the student is attending. The ITE centre for music and arts is also available for students who are interested in extra curricular activities. The ITE College Central also has a continuing education program for professionals who wish to remain updated with the latest technologies in their field of specialization, offering short term courses and it also has a workforce skills qualification system in place for certifying additional skills acquired.

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