Agricultural Land to Residential Land for Nim Collection

Agricultural land is used for crops, market gardens or raising livestock. In relation to legal provisions, there are zoning requirements that have to be met which will then identify a property as agriculturally zoned land.

Governments have recognized that it is important to protect agricultural land for Nim Collection and have placed special provisions on the development and use of the land. When agricultural land is located near a metropolitan center there may be an opportunity for the land to be re-zoned for other uses. This include for light industrial use such as the development of small industrial parks or warehousing. It may be re-zoned to residential if there has been a need identified for property development as a result of population expansion.

Nim Collection is one of the more exclusive landed developments to be hosted in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. It is located near to Central Expressway and near to Nim Gardens.

Agricultural Land for Nim Collection

Agricultural land is often used for different crops depending on its location and soil. There may have been farming methods previously used which have impacted the land. When considering the purchase of agricultural land it is import to know about the history of the property and to understand what current methods are being used. Also, there should be consideration given to water, such as dams or wells, if the property has water rights, and if the land is prone to flooding. Nim Collection has changed from from agricultural land to residential land in order to commence construction for Nim Collection. Nim Collection is by Bukit Sembawang Estates and is one of the largest plot of residential land in the Ang Mo Kio area.

Agricultural Land Bukit Sembawang Estates Singapore

Different properties will have different levels of infrastructure as well, including farm buildings. Another factor that may influence the value of agricultural land is fencing. Fences are expensive to erect on a large scale and need to be maintained, particularly if the land is being used for livestock.

As well as zoning requirements there are complex Federal regulations regarding maintaining the environment, as well as a range of policies regarding subsidies for growing of certain crops.

Agricultural Land to Change to Residential Land

There has been greater interest shown in the last decade in investment in agricultural land by large financial services organizations, as it provides consistent rental income and grows in value.

Local real estate agents will often have information about agricultural land in a region as well as the local community. They may also be able to give you some information on the local history. The process of inspecting and purchasing land can be complex and takes time. Agricultural land is a valuable resource and will continue to be an important part of food security for our country.

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