999 Years Agricultural Land to 99 Years

The most important characteristic of land as a factor of production is that it always appreciates in value. Therefore, investing in a built land is even more prudent. One of the most common uses of land is in real estate development, also commonly known as property development. Property development often encompasses an array of activities which consist of; purchase of raw land, selling of developed or underdeveloped land, renovation and of course, re-lease of existing property or buildings. This industry is booming for very many reasons with some highlighted below.

999 Years Agricultural Land to 99 Years Leasehold Residential Land

Advantages of purchasing property from property developers
I. It’s usually both cost and time saving
II. Construction of the property is usually faster; fewer delays
III. Such properties usually have a wholesome vision in development

As one would expect, there are many real estate developers that can tend to your specific needs with Nim collection featuring heavily in that group. This is a 99-years leasehold landed property development company located in the nerve center of Ang Mo Kio town in Singapore. The town often abbreviated as AMK is famed for being a planning and residential area. The location of Nim collection is therefore strategic in terms the availability of all the social and physical amenities you would require.

Bukit Sembawang Estates Nim Collection Landed Property

There is an on-going and active plan and process for 167 units of residential houses to be built on this private landed area of 117,000sqm.The contracted developer is Bukit Sembawang. The development project is expected to be completed in mid-2022.The gross floor area is 59400.16sqm with the number of blocks, a number of storeys and number of units being 3,30 and 561 respectively. Initially, this was a 999 years agricultural land located in Ang Mo Kio but the developer has decided to remove all restrictions and turn it into residential land by submitting transformation plans to the government.

The physical locational address of the land is in Nim road/Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 in the D25 district. As I had insinuated, the location of this property to be developed is influenced by a number of factors which include; electricity, market, security and amenities. There are a number of shopping malls within the Nim collection landed propertyincluding Greenwich V, The Seletar Mall and Hougang 1. Additionally, in terms of education, there are a number of schools adjacent including Anderson Secondary school and Nanyang polytechnic. You can use road or air for travel. Now, the 999 years leasehold land has been changed to 99 years residential land for Nim Collection

Nim Collection Bukit Sembawang Ang Mo Kio Landed Property

A site plan refers to a detailed architectural plan drawing necessary to improve the property, which is land in this case. Usually a site plan takes into account the existing characteristics of the surrounding environment The Nim Collection Bukit Sembawang Estates architectural plans are available for viewing through the Nim collection website or by contacting the office. The different floor plans that are available for public viewing can be obtained from Nim Collection. The main reason the floor plans are different is to be able to possibly to satisfy each and every family needs. And it gets even more interesting. The readily available plans are subject to modification subject to aconsultative process with Nim collection.

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